My Studio's Business Future

As we all know, Art is a very challenging business venture. That's why our parents told us to get real jobs when we were young - LOL

It costs real money to run an online business, to pay for the website, online storefront, printing, shipping & packaging. Unless an artist is really well known, it is a very risky and costly gamble.

Money Woes -

The US Government owes me $2,133.00 in back taxes from 2020 which, for some reason, they are not paying. I live on a fixed income which does not match the increased costs of my medical care and basic cost of living. I've made some bad virtual business gambles as well, (this is nothing new, I've been doing that for over 13 years) and the chickens are now coming home to roost.

Sales have been zero at my studio store. There's been absolutely no interest in my art over the past year. The pandemic, job loss, increased homelessness - people are not buying art because they simply have no disposable income. Art is the last thing people buy. It's not like food, shelter and toilet paper.

I've never been good at business. I am an Artist, not a business person. Looking back on my life, I've failed at every business I've ever gambled on.

I am locked into a pre-paid contract with my Web Provider until Jan 1, 2023. At this time I do not plan on renewing the contract.

My growing unhappiness and withdrawal from "Social Media" platforms which I have spoken about often here, combined with my advancing age is like a perfect storm.

I want to explore my art from a deeper, more personal standpoint. Hence, my post about moving parts of Studio 1 into Studio 2 - away from internet access and cameras. I want to begin making art instead of noise.

Until next time ...


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