New Blog - New Day

Today I created an open doorway on the internet between both my virtual and physical creative worlds. I had tried this once before a few years ago with disastrous results. Simply because I had not really thought through all the ramifications of taking such an action.

Hopefully, this time my experience and yours will be much more pleasurable and positive.

My new web hosting company, WIX, has empowered me with so many new, useful tools and the storage space required to maintain a seamless, resilient and robust sharing of ALL my creative content for the first time.

Some long-time readers of my art blog may be surprised to discover that I've been creating virtual products and experiences for close to 10 years in another world, as this has, for the most part, been hidden from them - likewise, people in the virtual world may find it surprising to discover I am a professional multimedia artist. Well - now you all know.

The decision to do this came after a long and thoughtful process and was inspired by the creation of my newest philanthropic clearinghouse, "The Sunday Project."

This blog includes a new security feature which is the password protection of posts. The blog on the virtual side requires none as it only deals with products and events. Whereas this blog has always been the repository of my inner-most thoughts and feelings. I had originally thought about simply no longer talking to my readers about things like that, (to hide that content from stalkers who seek to use personal info about me as leverage for whatever delusions they are suffering from) but it occurred to me - what then, would even be the point of having a personal blog?

I've been blogging for over 17 years now - that's a long time. Why allow a few bad apples to stop me from continuing?

This new open connection allows me to share so much more of my creativity - people in the physical world will now be able to listen to my playlists from events I DJ in the virtual world of Second Life - this will also be a secure password protected area. (For obvious copyright reasons - you can share published copyrighted music with a few of your friends - but you can't openly broadcast it publicly without costly licensing.)

It will also allow people from the real world to visit and explore the entire virtual world of products and experiences I am creating over there via the virtual website including, but not limited to, the newly renovated DesignHaus Gallery.

One of the many inside jokes I share with my virtual avatar is that his name is "Drew Mysterious" - a play on words reflecting my life as an artist in the real world. Drew is, in fact, one my favorite and most personally beloved creations. This avatar inhabits a very unique position in my life as he is both my representative in the virtual world and an ever-evolving singular creation, himself.

Conversely, visitors to the virtual website will have a direct link to the real world website, allowing them to discover my art and films.

Philanthropically, the charities I support and have founded in both worlds will benefit by new opportunities for cross-pollination. Please note - both websites are currently expanding and in development as I work on them in tandem now, (making my life so much easier.)

Also new - is the ability to stream selected media directly INTO the virtual world from this website. I am most excited about this as I have spent the last couple years experimenting with interactive performance spaces and art installations. The very reason I chose to expand my creativity into the virtual realm was because it is free of so many of the constraints of the physical world. Things like gravity, atmosphere, temperature, liquids, solids and mass do not exist there.

Most of this work going forward will be done "behind the scenes" in both worlds - so other than me rolling-out one new thing or another, changes will be completely invisible to all my visitors.

Thank you for coming along on this creative journey with me.

Until next time ... Here's Alicia Keys with "New Day"