New Product! Big Fun!

Surprise! I'm not just going to be selling my art at the store. My Ephemera line is going to have lots of lovely stationary products - starting-off with these Personalized Old World Journals.

There are some lovely Fountain Pens on the way as well! Stay tuned!

What I absolutely love about all this is that I am selling products that I simply adore! So it makes it so much fun to curate the product offerings! AND ...

Every package I send to a customer gets some free goodies too!

I cannot take credit for this idea. I stole it from one of my favorite Fountain Pen dealers, The Goulet Pen Company. They do customer care RIGHT and so I decided to model some of my policies after theirs.

There were so many things I completely missed when I set up my first online store 4 years ago. I was way too distracted with other things and because it was on a bad platform to begin with, I could not seamlessly integrate both my own product shipping and print on demand shipping in one store - THAT in itself is a major game changer.

I got some really great advice recently about running an art business and that ALSO was a big game changer for me - the advice was - "Have Fun With It" - this was something UNHEARD OF!! Having fun with a business??? ADULT STUFF?? MONEY STUFF???? OMG!!!

I am following that advice and having the time of my life! Who knew this could all be so much fun?

Okay - I got to get back to curating products and stocking shelves!

Until next time .. Here's Django Reinhardt with "I'll See You In My Dreams" -


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