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Nonsense Alliteration

I suspect that when I talk about my book, the first thing that comes to mind are the pen and ink illustrations which are 50% of the illustrated book. But there is another 50% that I have not specifically talked about, and that is the text of the book which includes a liberal sprinkling of neologisms and alliterative tongue-twisters.

Honestly, it is assembling these short, silly passages that actually entertains me more than creating the illustrations. Names like, "The Countess Lyn Lingerflinger" and exclamations like, "Scandalous Gout!" just make me chuckle quietly to myself.

The stream of consciousness voice in my head that dictates these passages is an illusive one, it comes and goes without explanation or warning. Some passages "arrive" when I am engaged in everyday activities like washing the dishes. When they do speak to me, I picture them drinking tea, seated at a stately desk in the library of an old Victorian Manor House. It is the same voice behind another project I return to occasionally - my 'Boxes of Nonsense' -

I do envision a collection of these boxes one day in book form. But first things first.

Today I am drawing the background for 'The Amazing Madame Chardonnay, World Renowned Seer, Soothsayer and Tarot Practitioner.'

Until next time ... Here's the latest upload from film score composer, Scott Buckley, whose music has graced several of my short films -

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