One Sided Laminations and Other Adventures

Now that some of the new equipment has arrived and I have some preliminary drawings finished it's time to do my favorite thing - EXPERIMENTS!

In order for the card's component parts to be constructed correctly and be sturdy, I'm going to attempt to laminate them on one side - leaving the backside natural paper which should (in theory) glue together more easily. I think this can be achieved by laminating 2 sheets back to back and then separating them.

Hopefully, if this works, I'll be able to develop "part sheets" for each card - so they can be replicated for assembly when needed. Kind of like a paper parts assembly line supply. (Apparently all those years I spent working in factories finally came in handy!) HAHAHA

I have been working with archival quality Rubber Cement, but may need to upgrade to something more heavy duty. This will also be worked out during this round of prototype builds.

There are not enough words to tell you how much I LOVE what I am doing with all this and how much fun I am having with every step of each process. Honestly, I don't know why it took me so long to get here - but I am grateful I did! Every day I seem to wake-up with new ideas for things I want to do.

I hope this post finds you doing something you love as well -

Until next time ... Here's some music I've been listening to in the studio - Django Reinhardt with "Minor Swing"


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