Playing with Ideas

I've been playing with design ideas for my stationery & desk accessory project. And it's taken me back to some wonderful memories from my young childhood - which really feeds into the idea of magic, wonder and whimsy that I want to incorporate into my products.

I built a mock-up of a Flower Fairy card and began trying out different things with it. I want these cards to be interactive - so they'll be multi-layered and have little doors, windows and drawers that can be opened and peeked into - adding a bit of playful mystery to each card.

Honestly, this is more fun than I've had in a very long time. I have such a passion for inventing, designing, experimenting, engineering and building. Plus paper is one of my favorite materials to work with. It's inexpensive, easily obtained and so versatile!

I've also been pouring over a couple new books I recently obtained -

But paper will not be the ONLY material I'll be working with. I'm going to be adding Gold Leaf to some products as well as engraving glass and venturing into acrylic resins also. More on that later.

I have a few supplies on the way that will aid me in this work - an inexpensive die-cutter and embosser as well as some other tools. Given the Holiday jam-up with shipping, I doubt I'll see these orders before January.

So many new things to learn and explore! I am truly in my happy place.

Until next time ... From my personal collection - Here's Wayne Gratz from 'A Childhood Remembered' with "Green Room"


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