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Realtime Virtual Filmmaking

Time flies! -14 years ago I fell in love with a software called, 'iClone' from Realluision, because it was one of the first Realtime animation software packages on the market. In fact, I was on a team that won the 48Hour Film Festival Machinima category (we tied with the team from Second Life - which then led to my interest in that virtual world.)

So, it is no surprise I am absolutely captivated by Unreal Engine 5 and what it can do - it can produce eye candy of the highest magnitude in Real Time.

However, the ability to produce this level of digital beauty comes with a high entrance fee. Because the Ethereum crypto currency miners have literally stripped the market of high-end graphics cards, (which they use for their mining) the price of these GPU cards have inflated, between 300% to 1,000%

It is rumored this market may crash in June of 2022 when Ethereum enters a new merging phase and all mining ends - leaving approx. 8 million GPU's without work and homeless, but there is no guarantee this will happen. Or if it does, how it will effect the market for GPU consumers like me.

In the meantime, besides drooling over the endless potential of UE5, I am learning all I can about how virtual production computers are built and educating myself on the system integrators who build high-end gaming machines which share the same type of hardware specs.

The Obstacle becomes the Way. To quote Marcus Aurelius, "The mind adapts and converts to its own purposes the obstacle to our acting. The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way."

Until next time ...

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