Remembering All That Fun

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've been going back through the software I used over 10 years ago when I was into animation - it brought back so many wonderful memories of all the fun I had back then and the enduring friendships that came from that time in my life.

My recent experiments with Facial Motion Capture for Animation seemed to just weave into these memories - enticing me to return to those roots. When I found myself laughing the other night until I cried - SUDDENLY I remembered back when all this was FUN and nothing more. There was no "end game" and no competition, other than the contests we'd enter- like the 48 Hour Film Project - OMG those weekends were so much fun.

I lost that somewhere along the line. Oh, I know I have the ability to make others laugh, but behind the scenes here - the fun had stopped years ago. It got turned into "work" and I took it all very seriously. Way, way too seriously.

This year has changed me in so many ways - I've lost count. Now, as we reach the end of 2020 I think I'm sliding into the final change - Stop taking creativity so damn seriously.

So ....

I announced earlier to my mailing list that today - I formed a new branch of the studio -

"Really Bad Animations"

And I'm going to make a Christmas Special truly befitting 2020.

You know what else I've forgotten about and recently rediscovered? Al Jarreau.

Until next time ... Here's Al Jarreau with "SomeBossa (Summer Breeze)


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