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Searching For a New Blog Platform

For the past few months, I have been struggling to get my blog posts up - because WIX for some unknown reason, not only does NOT save a draft of my work - even when I FORCE it to save - it simply DELETES them when I am in the middle of writing them. No draft saved - all work gone.

I'm now resorting to writing my blog posts in a word processing program and then copying and pasting them here ...

I remember having BETTER results with a free WordPress Blog in 2005.

It's 2022, right?

So, this will be my next great adventure. Either moving just the blog or my entire website to a new provider. The cost will determine the outcome here.


I have finished my first ever linocut print edition of 5 small format prints. After they have all reached their destinations (as gifts for close friends) I will publish photos of the prints.

I enjoy working in small formats - perhaps that's why I love making bookmarks. These little projects fit perfectly into my time right now. During fire season, it is impossible for me to just lose myself in book illustrations for hours or days at a time - when wildfires are popping up all around here, sometimes multiple times a week.

Today has been a good day here - with all local fires having been extinguished. But my heart goes out to all those folks less fortunate than we are - as seen on today's map from Watch Duty. (I am the little blue dot at the bottom of the lake) The shadow fire symbols are recent fires now put out.

Well - that's about it for now.

Until next time ... Here's Twenty One Pilots with a great pandemic song - "Level of Concern"

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