Slowing Things Down

My glass experiments continue and continue and continue ... and continue ... LOL

I've obtained more appropriate equipment for cooking my glue rather than just using my kitchen stove. So, I think I'm good to go in this area but with temperatures in my garage, where my sandblasting cabinet is located, ranging from 110 - 120 degrees Fahrenheit I am still working on a better way to sandblast the glass in the studio to prep it for the glue chipping. There has to be an easier way.

My first round of experiments with this process were done in a very haphazard way and the epic parade of failed results certainly reflected this. This time I want to do it right.

I recently shared with friends that I am so used to the immediacy of creating images on paper or digitally - I create the image and boom - there it is in front of me. Instant creative gratification!


Working with materials like glass in the way I currently am is an arduously slow experimental process. Glue Chipping alone can take anywhere from 24 hours to 2 weeks to yield results. And if those results are not acceptable, the whole process starts over again from square one.

In addition to glue chipping I am experimenting with combinations of glass with plexiglass, resins, acetates and dichroic films. There is zero information on this kind of thing anywhere, so I am flying by the seat of my pants, following hunches and making things up as I go along.

Normally this is my favorite type of experimental creation but not being able to see positive results yet is daunting - as I said - I'm so used to immediate creative results, I'm struggling with this but I see this as a positive and affirming struggle.

All this plays into changes I am implementing in my life to slow things down and take the time to be more present and thoughtful both creatively and in general. I have acquired a few pen pals and am really looking forward to begin writing and exchanging cards and letters with them. This practice also removes the immediacy of communication that email and IM's offer and promotes thoughtfulness in correspondence.

By slowing things down in my life I feel like I am somehow reclaiming part of my psyche that has been lost over these past few decades. It feels like unearthing a secret hidden treasure of forbidden knowledge once practiced by my ancestors but long since forgotten. There is something very empowering, emotionally nourishing and intellectually refreshing in this for me. I find as things are slowing down I'm so much happier and content, spending more and more time in complete quiet - and loving it. There are so many gifts to be found in silence.

Until next time ... Here's Simon and Garfunkel with "The 59th St, Bridge Song" -


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