Staying Positive Through Life's Hiccups

"I Have Not Failed. I've Just Found 10,000 Ways That Something Won't Work."

-Thomas Edison talking about his lightbulb experiments

The online store and I went through some growing pains over the last 48 hours. I am crossing my fingers it is working now. I have placed a couple test orders and we shall see!

I really wish I could offer International shipping for the store - but the costly hoops to jump through and legal mumbo-jumbo I am required to put in place simply make it impossible at this time. I am handling any urgent requests for International orders on a case by case basis, personally. Which translates to - I am only doing it for close friends across the pond.

As my last blog post noted, I also had issues with product quality concerning the "Print on Demand" mugs that are fulfilled by an outside company. I believe I have that sorted and I'll know for sure when my test order arrives.

My Resin and Wood Bookmark experiments also did not turn out as expected - so I'll be going back to the drawing table with those next week too.

I've really not slept much since opening the store and I think, since tomorrow is Sunday, I'll take the day off and get some needed rest.

Until next time - Stay Positive and Enthusiastic with Estelle Bryer - "One can't do without humor, one needs more and more in the world today."


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