Studio 2 Move Finished

Jack helping set-up Studio 2

Happy Saturday Art Peeps!

Studio 2 is finally set-up. Basically, Studio 2 is one table on an unused side of my Glass Studio. Not quite as I had originally envisioned it but certainly functional. I LOVE the new Cintiq 16 and feel I'll be making a lot of new graphic discoveries with it. The move also succeeds in freeing-up working desk space in my main studio - a fact I am so very happy about!

So - on the November - December schedule are:

  1. Graphic Art Promo Video for website (less than 2 minutes run time)

  2. Digital Art Promo Video for website (less than 2 minutes run time)

  3. Teaser video for my upcoming episodic Cyber Thriller - (run time unknown)

  4. In the Glass Studio I'll be engraving a very special Christmas gift on this gorgeous block of crystal - (I'll be filming the work as well and post it after the *Holidaze*)

That's all the news from here! Hope you are having a great weekend.

Stay safe, stay sane, stay smart and stay at home.

Until next time ... Here's something to space your weekend chillax groove on - "Spicey Pipe" (Remastered) by The Solid Doctor


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