Studio Software Upgrade Phase Three Completed

The Third Upgrade Phase is now complete with the installation of Blackmagic Design's DeVinci Resolve software. (video promo above)

Unlike HitFilm Pro which is a linear layer based editor & compositor, Resolve is node-based. This allows for far more sophisticated and highly refined final tuning of color corrections and effects using Blackmagic's Fusion software. Resolve also includes a powerful Audio editing suite.

Although I gave HitFilm Pro a glowing review in my last post, I have discovered a couple areas where it is surprisingly severely lacking and I am working with their support team to attempt to sort it out. One of issues I encountered was the editing of Cross Dissolve transitions. There appears to be no way to adjust the time length of transitions, despite what is stated in their User's Manual. This is such a fundamental staple of film editing, I am at a loss to explain why it is missing from the software. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.

Phase Three now completes my Studio Software Upgrades.

From here I will begin to get to work on my promos for my website's graphic art & digital art sections.

Until next time ...


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