Studio Software Upgrade Phase Two Completed

I spent the bulk of my day testing this software out for robustness and stability - I cannot even tell you how amazed I am with it.

It handled everything I threw at it, effortlessly and efficiently. 2D, 3D, complex special effects, and unlike Adobe programs, the load on my CPU and GPU was minimal. No more grinding.

It's a whole new day here at The Undisclosed Studio.

Yesterday I did a thorough digital housecleaning and uninstalled & deleted a massive amount of software, folders and files. With the money I'll be saving from jettisoning Second Life and all that came with it, (approx $1,500.00 a year) I am now easily able to afford stock photobashing, 3D Kitbashing, and special effects stock footage and elements for all my future projects.

Honestly - I am BEYOND ecstatic and excited about the future of my studio going into 2021 and beyond.

Until next time ... Here's Alicia Keys with "New Day"


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