Sunday Night Weekly Wrap-Up

Isolation Day's 252 thru 259 -

I watched a lot of films and read several books.

I heard from an old friend from over 30 years ago, and that was really wonderful.

I walked back and forth between my studio and the newly dubbed "studio 2" several times in an effort to ascertain if I am really happy with the new set-up.

I learned that "Transmedicalism" is a real thing and something that is employed by both insecure straight cis people and trans people with internalized feelings of fear and self-loathing in order to feel more comfortable about themselves.

I began exploring the history and uses of Altered States of Consciousness (ongoing).

I got absolutely no work done on any of my projects. But I did draw something in my new sketchbook.

The cats broke my cell phone by knocking it off a bookcase and I had to order a new one. FedEx lost the new one in transit then found it again, finally handing it over to the Post Office who failed to inform me of any of this. I now have the new phone in my possession.

The lovely blue hair wax I experimented with caused a bizarre full-body allergic reaction within 72 hours of application and had to be removed and all clothing and bedding washed. I have since returned to my own *extremely special version* of "normal".

Despite actively and concertedly not making any attempt to reach-out or communicate with people on social media platforms, (Facebook, YouTube, etc ) I had to endure a larger than normal amount of mind-numbing ignorance from those areas.

Until next time ... Here's Andreas Vollenweider with - 'Down to the Moon & Moon Dance' -


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