The 25 Year Old Answer!

It had been so long since I played this richly immersive game series - I totally forgot that I played them for over 15 years before I stopped to do other things!

The Elder Scrolls is a phenomenally open-ended PC game that spans decades now as it enters its 25th year Anniversary. I loved these games - I have collected T-Shirts, coffee mugs, and atlas's AND I TOTALLY FORGOT HOW MUCH I ENJOYED PLAYING THESE GAMES.

In my previous post I was bemoaning the fact that had not found some good escapist fun to occupy myself with - and these games were sitting in a box I had packed away in a closet.

Now with up to date technology and the promise of a NEW iteration of the story coming out in the next year or so it becomes even better for a 3D graphics junkie like me - check out this eye-popping video -

THOUSANDS of NPC's running on Radiant AI, Many hundreds of side-quests besides the compelling main story, and an open-ended fully explorable world map as well as visually stunning graphics -

As I was digging all these treasures out of the box it felt like rediscovering an old friend. And the best part of all - I never completed the last 2 games, Oblivion and Skyrim!

I am soooooo HAPPY!!!

Here's the 25th Anniversary video from the company that developed these -

Until next time ...


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