The Aesthetics of Surrender

I agree with composer Brian Eno, that Art and Music are at their best (either being made or being experienced) when they invite us to surrender.

'Desert Silence' - Experimental Monotype print with Gold Leaf

We live in a world where CONTROL is glorified as the ultimate tool and path to success. One must CONTROL their finances, their diet, their physical appearance, their emotions, their addictions, their pets, their children, their environment, and once they get all that sorted, they must then begin trying to control the rest of the world. ULTIMATE CONTROL is what we demand - no surprises, no changes.

In an interview I listened to while working the other night, Eno talked about control and said this, among other things - "Control and surrender have to be kept in balance. That's what surfers do - take control of the situation, then be carried, then take control." He went on to say that he wanted to rethink the word SURRENDER as an active verb. It was a very insightful interview to listen to and I'll link it up here at the bottom of this post along with a piece of his music which I find very evocative for creative thinking.

'Broken Wave ' - Experimental Monotype print with Gold Leaf

Watching children play - or even thinking back on your own childhood and remembering how you could get lost for hours in your imagination - that is the epitome of surrender. Finding that flow state and entering it - surrendering to it and just flowing.

I forgot how to surrender decades ago - and now that I am remembering and finding my way back, it is such an incredible experience - to just "be" and let go of all control as I am working. I've read about "Runner's High" and I think there is an "Artist's High" as well.

Until next time ... Here's Brian Eno with "An Ending" followed by the interview I referenced earlier.


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