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The Anchoring Reassurance of Creative Heritage & Lineage

I was going to use this post to introduce you to the prologue of a book I am writing, which deals with dystopic futuristic stories of Multiple Universes, Quantum Mechanics, and Fractal Fields accompanied by fantastical images.

While traveling from the studio to the kitchen for a fresh cup of coffee this morning, a group of books on one of my bookcases caught my eye. Maybe it's more accurate to say they "caught my heart" - I've owned these books for many decades. They are books by and about Beatrix Potter.

Suddenly I was seized by this one irrefutable fact -

Had there not been a Peter Rabbit, there would have never been a WillowMouse.

I've been growing exponentially more creatively restless these past 2 years. Up and down at a moment's notice. One moment cursing my prolonged isolation and the next, praising and treasuring it. Renovating the studios over and over - never happy with them. Needless to say, these past 2 years have not been emotionally positive for me and, I would hazard to guess, most of the world, also.

Being an only child who lost both parents before 25 years of age, and having been disowned and estranged from the rest of that family, I have nowhere to turn for any kind of familial reassurance that I am attached to any other human being on this planet. For a long time I didn't think this bothered me. But when the pandemic accentuated and reminded me of it on a daily basis - like a little termite chewing away inside my brain ... something dark began to form.

Small wonder I wanted to write and illustrate a dystopian tale about other worlds when this one felt so lonely and threatening to me.

And while I enjoy playing with all this new creative technology at my disposal to create fantastic new images, there is still something about all of it that feels empty as well.

So, I don't think that book is going to get done. At least not the way it started out.

** Peter Rabbit Image Property of Frederick Warne & Co.

Until next time ...

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