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The Creative Problem Inherent in Closed Virtual Environments

I love to create virtual 3D constructs and environments. Playing in a world that does not have the laws of gravity or weather - day or night - it is all subjective and changeable at the click of a button.

But what I keep bumping-up against, and I have talked about before, is the one constraint that is a deal breaker for any serious creative consideration on my part and that is - these are closed architecture environments. Only people who take the time to join the environment as a "resident" and learn how to navigate it sufficiently so they understand the fundamentals, can even begin to enjoy the creative work of others.

To be a creator in such a closed environment, the creator has to give up all hope of reaching anyone OUTSIDE the virtual environment. This not only severely limits the creator's opportunity to have their work seen and explored, it also keeps their interactive work trapped in this little virtual "members only" bubble from which it can never escape.

"Constraints" - is a word that I wish to never have to apply to my creative work. But it is the mainstay of closed virtual environments. There are issues with importing video and audio, issues with Intellectual Property Rights, issues with old and outdated code. And lastly - issues with cost. One has to PAY to have their creative work exist in a closed virtual environment. Pay, and pay, and pay and pay.

I wanted to address this subject again because I recently had an interesting idea for something I wanted to build in a closed virtual environment and have it link to a website. But the more I thought about all the work that it would entail and the cost it would incur, I began to wonder if I was approaching this whole thing ass-backwards. What if, instead, I built my idea on the OPEN INTERNET, where instead of being accessed by maybe 10 people, it could be accessed by everyone with an internet connection? I already pay annual contracts for my websites, most of which do not get used very much at all.

Those are my thoughts this morning. I hope this finds you all enjoying your Monday Morning and kicking off your week with gusto and lots of coffee!

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