The Ineffability of Awareness

I hesitated over writing this post today because I wasn't sure if what I wanted to convey could be adequately put into words. But since this is a studio blog by an artist and geared mainly toward other creatives, I felt I should at least give it a chance. Plus this serves as my written record of how things are going in the studio, kind of like a work diary.

I began working fulltime as an artist 4 years ago. And for the past 4 years I have really struggled, sometimes more than others, to find my voice as an artist. I wasted a lot of time exploring avenues of creativity that were complete dead ends. Although I was producing work, to me it never felt quite authentic or 100% fulfilling. It was as if I was creating "safe" work that originated from the shallow fringes of my subconscious. Never diving any deeper than I had to for ideas. My work was passionless and devoid of that divine spark. It felt like I was holding back, waiting for something.

Listening to all those "external voices". What people liked, what they didn't like. Pandering to the lowest common denominator of social acceptance. I was more focused on being accepted and liked than actually producing authentic artwork. Because I thought that after all, wasn't that the definition of artistic success? Social acceptance? Being approved of?

Several weeks ago I turned my back on social media, stopped watching the news, slowed things down, got really quiet and began listening to my "internal voice".

And everything changed.

It changed because I asked myself some simple questions - "What do you want to create?" "What feels exciting to you when you are creating it?" "What feels satisfying to you?" "What feels like fun to you?" "What makes you come alive with passion when you work on it?"

This process can be eloquently summed-up by a quote from Gertrude Stein -

"Let me listen to me and not them."

And so, I guess I have a little announcement - In addition to my new glass work (whenever that gets produced), I'm going to start creating and selling original artwork. Not prints. Not photos. Not computer images. One of a kind original works of art in ink. Something I have never attempted before. Because it scared the hell out me.

This does not mean I will stop offering other work in multiple prints. It means in addition to what I already do, I will be offering singular one of a kind originals.

Until next time ... Here's some beautiful music by George Winston -


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