The More You Fail, The More You Succeed ...

I recently added Green Renaissance to my family of supported creators on Patreon and my new "Partners in Creating" Page.

I love the family of creators and innovators I am building here. Surrounding myself with these positive, energetic people of the light has not only been healing for me but has dispelled every bit of negativity that comes my way. Darkness and malevolence cannot exist in the presence of light.

So, I encourage you to seek out people and places of light, gentleness and goodness - surround yourself with them, wrap yourself in their softness, comfort and mercy. It will change your life. The brighter the light - the more you can see.

One thing I have discovered is that if you want to purge the last bit of hidden darkness and ill will from your life - just set an intention to do good. For some reason, that intention will call forth all the hidden darkness and ugliness from all the the little hiding places in your life. They will emerge from the places you least expect them to. But if you hold fast to your intention to do good and carry on with your work, the light from your intention will dissolve those last, angry shadows from your life. From there, you are free to follow the path of your intention without any further fear of interruption.

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