Today's the Day - Studio Software Upgrade Phase One

This morning I replaced my old workhorse, Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 with Affinity Photo and Adobe InDesign CS5.5 with Affinity publisher - let the Geekfest commence!

First of all I LOVE the start screens on both these programs-

Affinity Photo starts off RIGHT - by offering me a wide variety of presized templates - so if am working on a video - BOOM! there it is in the correct aspect ratio - if I am working on my book - BOOM! there it is - if I am working on a social media post - BOOM! there it is . In addition to size I can also specify DPI, Orientation, Margins, Color Profile and Format - right off the bat! Or if I'm working on something that requires a unique size - I can create and save MY OWN TEMPLATE for ease of use.

And Affinity Publisher is no different -

I won't lie - it was hard to pull the first trigger this morning. I've been an Adobe Evangelist for 30 years - THIRTY YEARS. I even taught classes in digital film editing and special effects at the University of California with their software. But when they moved to a subscription platform instead of allowing users to purchase and own their software outright - THAT was the beginning of the end for me. I refuse to pay for software subscriptions. They are nothing more than a corporate greed slush fund. I hung on to to CS5.5 Master Suite for 10 years and although I produced a lot of work with it - the reality is - it's 2020, almost 2021 and I can no longer grind-out my ideas and visions on this antiquated software.


Adobe's Creative Cloud costs $20.00 per month - that's $240.00 a year. 5 years would be $1,200.00 and on and on.

Affinity Photo and Publisher cost $50.00 each - ONE TIME, outright, complete ownership forever with updates, tutorials, community forums and support.


Affinity has a very well structured, robust support & tutorial offering. Something that I really appreciate, coming over from Adobe and feeling like a noob. LOL But the good news is that Affinity is VERY SIMILAR to Adobe in it's user interface - it felt comfortable immediately.


Software Upgrade Phase Two involves replacing Adobe Premiere and After Effects with FXHome HitFilm Pro - all in one video editor and compositor. So stay tuned!

Until next time ...


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