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Unreal Philosophies

Another film I'm really looking forward to seeing, when it is safe to do so, is the final installment of The Matrix.

20 years ago, the original Matrix film brought up questions we in America had not seriously asked ourselves before - namely - just what IS real? We never asked in the past because Western Civilization had no frame of reference for it. However, Eastern Philosophies have been posing this question for centuries - What is the nature of Reality? What am I in that Reality? Who is the "I" that I call myself?

The rapid development of digital technology now demands that we ask that question - every day.

I was thinking about all this recently -

We live in a reality we perceive to be "Linear" - we say the Future is "in front of us" and the Past is "behind us."

In virtual worlds there is no linearity. When we wish to travel to a place we have been we simply "RELOAD" that destination - and it assembles around us.

So I began to ponder - what if human memory is like that? What if we are not dragging around millions of memories packed away in our heads, but instead, we simply reconstruct them from markers - land marks in our brain? It would certainly seem more feasible, efficient and effective. But then - what do we do with this concept of linearity and time - which we claim flows from the past into the future where we "collect" all these memories.

What if it didn't flow? What if we collect nothing?

What if all we really have is this one present moment?

Now, where have I heard that before? hahaha!

From ages 0-5, everyone lives in the present moment almost all the time. Watch any young child and you'll see present-moment awareness in action.

Until next time ...

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