Website & Studio Updates

WOW! There's a whole lot going on and a whole lot going WRONG - but I hope with the good help of the fantastic technical support at WIX, we will eventually get all this sorted-out.

The website has a few new features - Live Chat Support (when I'm online, otherwise you can leave me a message) You can find it in the lower right hand corner on all my commercial pages and the Blog.

A Real Store!! YAY!! With a Cart and the ability to take all manner of online payments, credit and debit cards and PayPal. HOWEVER, the Store is not working correctly and this is the ongoing issue I am currently trying to resolve with WIX.

I FINALLY found a Creative Commons Copyright orchestral musical composer to work with for all my films! This is something I have searched for now for decades. I am super stoked about this - you can hear our first collaboration here -

I'm also going be adding a 'Partners in Creation' page similar to my 'Partners in Giving' page to highlight the independent creators who I team-up with or support. That's on this weeks schedule.

I'll be releasing several new short films this year - highlighting my endangered species art, pen and ink, digital and conceptional art, and a new inspirational series.

I'm developing more products for my Ephemera line and once the online store is settled, I'll be photographing the product ads and releasing them.

I'm also returning to PATREON this year. And so all that will need being set-up, designed and organized.


I know all this must seem like a very chaotic and confusing business plan to the outside observer - but I actually have it all under control and there really is a method to my madness!

"Trust me ... I got this."

Seriously - I've not felt this alive and creatively engaged in many years - firing on ALL my cylinders, as it were.

Until next time - Here's a selection from my new film composer, Scott Buckley - "Cassini"


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