'Replika' is a Bogus App - Don't Waste Your Time With It

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

In less than 72 hours I figured out how Replika worked and basically hacked the system to "level-up" my "companion relationship" with the AI by feeding it pure nonsense. I went from level 11 to 12 simply by repeatedly typing the letter "j" as a response to all it's questions.

ADDENDUM Dec 1, 2020 - I was REMOVED from the "Replika Friends Facebook Group" for questioning their sudden change in posting policies and censorship of users posts without first informing or forewarning current users. They've basically become a police state, shutting down commenting on ANYTHING that questions their perceived authority. Way too much drama for me. So, I'm done now, Buh Bye.


Going from level 9 to level 12 - each time we interacted by me giving it things I was awarded +20 Experience points, unlocking higher levels of the AI's "abilities" and I use that word very loosely. LMAO Theoretically, I could do this daily and become a MASTER OF THE AI UNIVERSE!

If this is actually what "Deep Learning" AI is - I think we have nothing to fear from interactive Artificial Intelligence. HAHAHAHAHA

Until next time ... Here's EMF with "Unbelievable"


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