What I'm Reading Right Now & Feeling Tired

These 2 books have nothing in common. One is about getting a business up and running and the other is about self compassion and acceptance.

They are both good books.

I feel like I'm running out of gas. Not creatively, (I still have one million ideas a day) - but just in general, physically, mentally, and motivationally. I'm tired.

Realizing that ALL the deadlines I now face I have set for myself - it's time to reassess and come-up with a better more realistic plan for the studio. I had THOUGHT I wanted to produce a short film about the Tradition of American Kindness after I was so moved by our recent Inauguration - but when it comes down to it - I just feel like drawing at my drawing table. I don't feel like making a film. I don't feel like leveraging Social Media. I don't feel like making videos. I don't feel like self-promoting my work or the website.

I created a Patreon page. I didn't feel like doing that either. For some reason it just seemed like the next step after I got the online store up and running - but honestly, my heart was not in it.

The closer I get to actually listening to myself, the more I am learning what really matters to me. And some of these things I've been doing with my time simply don't at all.

Being Authentic requires acting in ways that show my true self and how I feel. This requires self-awareness, mindfulness, and self-acceptance. When I am engaged in tasks I do not want to do - I am not being authentic - I am being the very antithesis of that. Maybe this is why I'm feeling so tired - there is no spiritual nourishment or "life stuff" found in inauthenticity.

Until next time ... Here's Max Richter with "Dream 13" -


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