When Life Sucks – Try Gratitude

I create in all kinds of genres and all kinds of art products both virtually and physically and because of that I know I will never have commercial success. I was recently reminded of this when I got to see a line of products that could have been mine – but were not, because I had chosen not to pay the $200.00 buy-in a few years ago.

Watching others corner the market on things because they are specialists and focus all their time and energy on ONE THING finding commercial success – while I fiddlyfuck around with a million ideas is a blow to my “Creators Ego” time and time again. It makes me feel like a failure, although I know objectively that Feelings are not Facts – and I am NOT a failure.

But what I have to remind myself of is – this is how I create. This is how my mind has always worked – endless ideas that I, like a Bumble Bee in a flower garden, go from one to the next and when I find that really sweet idea I dwell on it for a while, and then I’m off to the next.

It has been said that, “Comparison is an act of violence against the self.”

At times like this, I always find it helpful to turn my attention towards Gratitude and being grateful for all that I have and all the lives my creativity has touched along the way.

Please enjoy this new short film from Green Renaissance – “Being Grateful”


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