When Old Things Become New Again

Ever since leaving Second Life I have been totally avoiding and in complete denial over the need for 3D objects in any of my current work - for both the book and the film series currently in production.

But the fact is - I have to integrate 3D into my workflow at times in order to achieve the best vision of what I want to convey and the stories I want to tell.

As luck would have it I ran into a very old friend from the UK, who goes by the screen name Darth Angelus, an extremely talented animated filmmaker. We go back close to 15 years and his ground breaking work in machinima and real-time animation was fundamental in inspiring me to explore those avenues many years ago. You can find his ongoing film series, Heir to the Empire and Chronicles of Humanity here -

This happy little serendipitous meeting with my old friend REMINDED ME that I actually HAD A VIBRANT AND CREATIVE DIGITAL LIFE long before I took that 9 year detour into Second Life.

I really needed that reminder right now. Timing is everything and I swear, 2020 has had perfect timing for me despite being a totally fucked-up year of suckage in all other areas.

I must confess here - after playing with Affinity Photo - I reinstalled Photoshop 6 Extended.

AND ... I moved the Wacom Cintiq set-up BACK to the main studio.

Yes, I know. I appear to be waffling about here - back and forth and back again. That's because I AM. LOL - I can not seem to get comfortable anywhere to work right now. Aside from playing with random odd new software that I find online, I'm really not being very productive at all right now.

And, for the first time in my life - I'm going to let THAT BE OKAY. It's OKAY not to know where I'm heading with my work. It's OKAY not to know what tools I want to use. It's OKAY to not know what room I feel most comfortable in. It's OKAY to binge watch Sci Fi and become totally immersed in learning about cutting-edge digital special effects. ALL OF IT IS OKAY FOR ME. I hereby set MYSELF free from ALL self- judgement! YAY!!

Until next time ... Here's The B-52's with - "Deadbeat Club"


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