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Why Bunny Duck?

Bunny Duck is neither one thing nor the other and so am I. ( to paraphrase Edward Gorey, chief S.I.R, Spirit in Residence here at the undisclosed studio.) This applies to both my gender and my creative gifts. Get over it Karen, my pronouns are 'They/Them'.

I've embraced the fact that I am not just an illustrator - I do "other stuff" and I am coming out of the closet about that, for once and for all.

I made this absolutely beautiful film and released it yesterday. I want more people to see it - because it is fucking beautiful. So, if you have not seen it - please do. Write to me and tell me it made you feel something - ANYTHING - but I can't deal with being told "oh, that's nice." Like it's a new hall rug or a vase I picked-up at some garage sale. It's as if people have lost touch with there ability to feel deeply these days. Maybe it's all those antidepressants. All I know is I cried my eyes out editing this thing.

Until next time ...

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