Why Cancel Culture Exists

I recently found out that 2 Fantasy Artists whose work I've followed for many years were, in actuality, sexual predators using their heightened status in the art community to bully, intimidate and coerce sexual favors from lesser known artists while attending Fantasy Art Conferences across the country over many years.

Both men are married, one is suddenly, publicly in a self-described “Polyamorous” Marriage.

Now if you are an adult of even semi-reasonable intelligence you know that “Polyamorous” translates into: “I can’t keep my genitals in my pants so I’m going to hide that fact behind this BIG WORD.”

This news is both sad and pathetic. Will I continue to follow them on YouTube or Facebook? Hell No. I’ve already “UNSUBSCRIBED” - Because frankly, knowing what I know about these 2 men NOW – they nauseate me.

This is Cancel Culture. Cancel Culture is nothing more than reasonable adults making decisions about what they will and will not tolerate in their lives.

Cancel Culture happens when we hold people accountable for their words, actions and behaviors. Because these things all have consequences.

It’s really that simple. It does not mean these 2 sleazebags will not continue to stick their dicks in every unsuspecting, hero-worshiping young artist they encounter at a conference. It simply means that I do not have to hear about it anymore. I can CHOOSE to not have that be part of my life. I can close the door and walk away.

This is what fully grown, emotionally mature, reasonably intelligent adults do. They make decisions about that they will and will not tolerate in their lives and then they take action based on those decisions.

This goes right back to why I recently deleted my account in Second Life, uninstalled it and am done with it. Second Life is built on a fundamental lie. It then invites it’s “residents” to not only participate in this fundamental lie, but to spawn lies of their own, and over the long term this is just not a sustainable scenario for any reasonably sane person to participate in.

If someone is a white male apex sexual predator pretending to be a black lesbian in a virtual world – this does not negate the FACT that they are a white male apex sexual predator. It does not make what they do “okay” just because they are doing it in a virtual world pretending to be a race and gender they clearly are not. It also does not excuse the people they enlist who further enable them to carry out their agenda.

Thus, I wholeheartedly believe in Cancel Culture. I am grateful it exists.

I believe it is healthy to say “No” to situations, people and behaviors we find repugnant, degrading and disgusting. I believe it is healthy to say “No” to absolute lunacy like Q-ANON or people espousing that the earth is flat, evolution doesn’t exist, or climate change isn’t real.

It’s OKAY – to say “No” and walk away. It’s OKAY to take dominion over your own life and what you choose to allow in it. There’s a reason why most of us take the garbage out of our homes once a week. If we just let it pile-up in the kitchen indefinitely - can you imagine what that would smell like? So, it’s OKAY to take the garbage out of your life. (Including doing so in US Presidential Elections - LOL)

Until next time ... Here's Ray Charles with "Hit the Road Jack"


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