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Why is This So Hard?

I freely admit - project planning has never been my strong suit and this is only a little book of 100 pages with 5 different illustration categories of 10 each - simple math - so WHY the F*CK is it so hard to layout a plan?!?

No matter how I approach it ... maybe a dry marker board ... no, an online app... no, a school notebook ... no, an Excel spreadsheet ... no, maybe Post-It Notes or just lay index cards on the table ... no wait, I have 4 cats, never mind.

But you see my point? This is crazy making. I've spent a large chunk of my weekend noodling around with all these different approaches - and before I can make any progress, all the sudden my brain just shuts down like an old steam locomotive, chugging to a halt. I hear a faint voice crying out -"You know I can't do this! Why are you trying to make me do this?!?This is NOT what I do."

I've watched refresher courses on YouTube, consulted my vast personal library of books about writing, lit some incense and made offerings to My Muse and the God /Goddess of Planning, and nothing even comes close to helping me break through this weird mental barrier I find myself up against. And I have to admit - it's funny! It's so bizarre it's making me laugh out loud all by myself. So loud it startled the cats!

Obviously, I can just forge ahead in a linear fashion - but I wanted to start zooming-out focus so I could see the patterns and interactions of people, motives, places and objects.

What a strange and weird problem to have.

I am sure I'll figure it out sooner or later.

Or never.


Until next time ...

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