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Yes. Gesticular IS a Word.

I was surprised as well! But according to Merriam Webster, it is indeed a word. The modern, dumbed-down online spell & grammar checkers wanted to keep changing it to "testicular" - I think they had a lot of balls to try that with my book.

ges·​tic·​u·​lar| \ -lə(r) \

Definition of gesticular : characterized or accompanied by gesticulation - a gesticular language

The Dry Erase Board idea - It works! It works! It works! It's like I can THINK again!

In other good news - I am nearing 1/4 (25%) of the book done! I expect to finish that much tonight. The dry erase board proved to be exactly the tool I needed for planning and diagramming! So, it's Full Speed Ahead!

What I particularly found funny about The Garden page was that I threw-in an eclipse without any explanation for absolutely no reason at all. It's just there - BOOM - an eclipse.

Until next time ... Ott has released a new album - here it is - Enjoy!

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