You Might Be An Artist If ...

Your kitchen table has transformed into a monotype printing work area.

Yes, I have managed to "over-create" myself out of not one, but two studios and have now commandeered the kitchen table and converted it into a monotype printing work area.

It started out so simply and innocently. Kind of like the first time one tries an extremely addictive substance ...

A conversation last night about ATC's - Artist Trading Cards led to ideas for my Ephemera greeting card line which led to the idea of limited edition printing which led the idea of monotype printing and ... when I woke up this morning my fingers were stained with ink and kitchen table looked like this.

Apparently I'd fallen into a CEB - Creative Euphoric Blackout ...

I wish I could tell you this affliction will end here, but I have my eye on the coffee table.

Until next time ... Here's Red Hot Chili Peppers with "Can't Stop"


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