U.F.O. Historical Photographic Curiosity
  • U.F.O. Historical Photographic Curiosity

    This photograph is said to have been taken by the Renowned World Explorer and designer of the original Mechanically Infused Curiosity Cabinet, Professor Archibald Thrumbauer. circa 1888-1910 It is suspected that the photo was taken somewhere high in the Himalayas where the Professor had been trekking with his Mistress, Tish, and a Troupe of Traveling Tibetan Cat Jugglers, in search of the rare Golden Spangled Web-Footed Yak. It is said that they never found the Yak and upon returning to their home London, Tish left him and traveled to America where she met and married a bar owner named Mr. Wolfsong who was of questionable reputation and rather loose scruples. None the less, history records that she married him on the Titanic and thus became Tish Wolfsong. 

    • 10 mil (0.25 mm) thick paper
    • Alder, semi-hardwood frame
    • .75” (1.9 cm) thick frame
    • Acrylite front protector
    • Hanging hardware included